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Are Astley's Going Mad.

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Have you noticed their valuations lately? :o

It`s not just them it is happening everywhere ,tail waging the dog syndrome anything to get the instruction but the wise are rejecting the kite flyers and I think they will be the one`s that survive in a market with such low volumes and they will be the one`s that get the next leg down started as it is there jobs on the line if they don`t

It`s sink or swim time coming soon methinks

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Swansea valuations are nuts IMPO.

IMPO there aren't enough people in Swansea who earn enough to buy all the houses on the market for over 250K even at these low mortgage IRs.

When IRs goes up there will be a flood of houses coming on the market.

Someone on here worked out about 2 months ago that there is about 25 years of unsold property in Swansea at 300K plus when you take into account how many houses at X price sell each year and how many houses at those prices are on the market.

There seems to be a feeling amongst some EAs I speak to, from various firms, that there are a whole host of bankers who can't wait to come and buy 300K, 400K, 500K and plus houses in Swansea and on the Gower. There aren't - things have changed.

There seems to be a massive denial in Swansea about the current economic situation and that things have not even yet begun to get bad. They seem to think that the bubble boom years are going to come back - they ain't.

We are still in denial mode in Swansea and will be throughout this Summer IMPO.

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In my area, the reign moron is Sharman Quinney. They have been very aggressively pricing everything at about 2007 + 10% across the board.

Not sure what are they trying to achieve, because they are definitely not selling!

What's the point of increasing market share, if you can sell?

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