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Right On!

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In a few years, as the crazies start knifing their wife / friend / neighbour in arguments and then claiming they thought it was a thief, the policy will be reversed

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+1000 about time landlords had a mechanism to deal with their delinquent tenants

Surely you mean about time tenants had a mechanism to remove their delinquent landlords?

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agree mostly but also shockingly agree with this being about reduced prison sentences and leaving the public to deal with themselves (which is fine if they legalise vigilantism soon).

top bbc EDITORS PICK comment:

I would say that hitting someone once or twice so that they couldn't get up is reasonable, hitting them over the head or repeatedly until they were a "bloody" mess isn't. The point is to disable them until the police arrive, not to turn into a psychopath yourself.

absolute crap. so if you're a boxer you can quick jab, pin and wait. lone single females anyone? scared people who will REASONABLY think the assailant will be harbouring a weapon so go straight for the kill (i know i would).

whatever they come up with will be an absolute shambles for the vast majority of the public.

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