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Prince Charles Bucks Recession By Spending More On Staff And Travel Than Last Year... As His Income From Taxpayer Rises 18%

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Charles's tax bill soars by £900,000 to £4,398,000

Spending on travel up 56% to £1,080,000

Camilla and Charles travel 34,000 miles on official trips

Charles's income from grants-in-aid and Government departments rose 17.9 per cent from £1,664,000 to £1,962,000.

He certainly gets a nice tax rebate.

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I think it has risen because it fartifically ell last year, thanks to the Canadistanis psying for his visit to Canada.

What gets my goat is that some of the rise is to cover charitable contributions he makes. Very generous with our money, and we have no say on what crackpot charity he might splash it on. How generous. How democratic.

Edit to add: Some people justify the Royals by arguing that they 'do a lot for charity'. With our money, it would seem.

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"Drop the cheap spin" Buckingham palace urged as it prepares to release cost figures -

The Royal Travel grant-in-aid 2010/11 report reveals the following details:

* Prince Charles and Camilla charged the taxpayer £29,786 for a return flight from Clarence House to Balmoral for a private 4 day break on which no public engagements were undertaken.

* Prince Charles chartered a flight to a UN environmental conference in Oslo with a £25,534 cost to the public purse.

* The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh's trip from London to Crewe cost £17,248, more than fifty times the cost of the most expensive standard ticket.

* A three day visit to Wales by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh's cost taxpayers £37,158.

* The Duke of York's trip to Italy and Central Asia cost £121,810 and his trip to the Middle East £88,612.

Taken from Republic

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