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Is The Us In Denial Over Its $14Tn Debt?


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there is a solution,but it will involve a significant deployment of nuclear weapons and a tough leadership,who is prepared to use them on a country/countries that are presently considered friendly-and I'm not taking about us.(such action will most likely be done in conjunction with,of all people..russia...after they've had their ass handed to them on a plate in ww3-they will stert to realise they have been set up)

A Russian-American strategic surprise attack on China and India, right?

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Is it me or are the projections above pure comedy?

My thoughts exactly, pure gold that.

I wonder if Britain would not prefer the sort of a catastrophe implicit in spending an entire 25% of the GDP. Obviously, that probably does not include optional things like healthcare for most people, education, policing, and whatever else is paid for privately or through state taxes ...

The graph I want to see is one showing the interest bill on the national debt, and the tax revenues. The way things are going now, they might intersect. The chances are they would have done already if the government had to pay Greek levels of interest, but of course it doesn't because the printing press is still in a rather good order of repair ....

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Graphs like that are always interesting, in how they show growing revenues/declining spending under Democrats and falling revenues/higher spending under Republicans.

The only time America has had a nominally balanced budget since the 60s was under the Republican congress in the 90s. Even though they were lying (the US national debt increased every year during that time), the economy was still doing vastly better than most periods under Democrat control

Oh, you mean you think that the President controls the budget?

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Don't think the US has ever been in denial about the extent of its debt. They , of course, have massive GDP, ingenunity and half a continent as a resourse. Meanwhile there is a s**tty little overcrowded Island with an identical deficit per capita full of deficit deniers, not least an innumerate public sector that thinks money grows on trees and hides behind off balance sheet accounting.

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