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Greece's Olympic Dream Has Turned Into A Nightmare For Village Residents

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The vast glass edifice was once the gleaming entrance where the world's athletes signed in for the 2004 Olympics but it now stands empty, stripped of all assets including copper piping, electricity points and marble tiles.

"I don't know why we're here now," said one guard smiling behind his Ray-Bans. "Thieves took everything of value, I guess we're just here to stop the squatters moving in."

Seven years after the outpouring of national pride and delight as Athens showcased its new public works to the world, the Olympic Village, 12 miles north west of the capital in the shadow of mount Parnitha, is now a symbol of national shame.

The housing development for 10,000 was the largest single property development in recent times. Designed as accommodation for athletes during the Games, it was then destined to be turned over to public housing. Hundreds of thousands of families entered a lottery for the chance to buy homes within the leafy complex. Now only half of the apartments are filled.

"We bought into the dream," said Korinna Deligianni, a 41-year-old doctor who relocated to the new suburb from the centre of Athens in 2007. "When we looked around it was beautiful. I thought it would be a wonderful place to bring up my children, a safe environment with a village feel."

The mother of eight believed her children would grow up attending local schools within the complex, making local friends and playing in the parks. Instead she has to travel miles each day to take them to schools and her husband has had to give up work to take care of the youngest offspring because no nurseries have been built.

Within months of the family's arrival most of the 27 commercial properties on the site had closed down and the promised schools were never finished. One small corner shop is all that remains to serve the community. Cracks have already appeared in the facades of some buildings, others have damp and sewage problems. Children at the two schools that do exist take classes in Portakabins, icy cold in winter and baking hot in summer.

The village now and then in pictures

It must be of seriously poor build quality if they are already having damp and sewage problems on the site.

I wonder what these houses where going for, the buyers have definitely been shafted by the sales teams.

Still I'm sure it won't happen for our Olympic dream.

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Yep, over 10bn Euro down the drain - but brown envelopes all round for the corrupt Greek politicians who built the village, then flogged it to joe public on the back of empty promises.

Still, that's chump change when you can tap the German taxpayer for bailout money at your leisure :blink:

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