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Scotland Tops Cocaine Usage Charts

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Dubious claims from an even more dubious English state media?

Probably. It'd be interesting to see Wales' figures separate from England's.

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"3.9% of Scottish residents aged between 16 and 64 used the drug in the past year."

That's a lot of people...

hardly surprising when you have Rab C salmond and his bunch of jacobit loons over there telling you what ou can and cant say/think/eat etc.(all for your own good of course)

tends to have the opposite effect...If I were up there I would be constantly pie-eyed and living on a staple diet of cocaine,scotch(buckfast if the pennies get tight) and deep fried mars bars to escape the drudgery.

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Didnt they analyse bits of paper left behind from a tory conference a couple of years ago and find that the vast majority of tory politicians and supporters were users?

Im dubious of their methods. Certainly i can imagine Cameron and Osbourne indulging in a bit of the old nose candy, but hundreds of Mildreds and Geoffreys in the audience, i doubt.

Mind you, HBOS, RBS, etc, all those scottish bankers probably have a per capita consumption of a small east european country...

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I would say that cocaine use is much higher than that.

Most people I know use from time to time and many use it every other weekend.

Yes, but the scots are legendarily tight fisted. A few bottles of white lightning is probably more their thing.

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