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Can We Have A Sticky?

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Can we have a sticky? To be updated regularly:

One of trusted dealers that you have used and non trusted dealers (that you have used as well?)

It may give a poke to certain dealers to clean up their act and give easy to find info for new comers into our little niche.

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Bullion by post

Sarnia Silver (but less competitive these days)

CI bullion (also Jersey based and less competitive)

Hatton Garden metals

Tried to use but was ignored:

Guernsey Mint.

Not used and won't use.


Not used no comment


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ATS sound iffy since you need ID to buy from them, while other dealers don't even for big quantites.

Sticky? Your mum has my sticky :D

You dont do noobs any favours by giving lists of info like this imo.

The yellow brick road should be one of learning,

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Shortcuts arent the answer. I can tell you where to buy but if you dont understand why or what the risks are then how does that help you when things dont work out?

Will you have a fking clue what is going on? Gold falls- why? You dont know?

losing money and have no idea why?

It isnt a one way bet, it isnt a bad bet but you need to do some learning.

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Reputable sellers is what the thread was about, or so I assumed; possibly off the back of the Chards saga on another thread.

It's upto the individual to decide what they are going to invest (or save) in; however once that decision is made a reccomended reliable seller from personal experiences is very helpfull.

As an example, befor xmas I was after some maples and was going to purchase from bullion by post as I'd had a bar off them and was new to the PM game.

After help from more experienced posters I found Weighton coins (which isn't easily found on goolge etc...) and saved myself over £3 per coin!

Understanding the fundamentals of PM buying / seling is very different from sharing your buying experiences!

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