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Ok - 5 Policies To Fix The Economy

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1. Kill everyone over the age of 55 (one off stock clearance)

2. Legalise all drugs and sell them in superstores. (Old Woolworths sites)

3. Kill all prisoners who are sex offenders and chuck all other prisoners onto the Isle of wight (Escape from New York style)

4. Kill all illegal immigrants, Tramps and drunks who shout at people in the parks.

5. Make the game of cricket illegal.

Hope that helps.

I would also ban fire eating.

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1. Abolish Income Tax

2. Abolish VAT

3. Land Value Tax

4. Graduated Capital Gains Tax - the longer you hold the investment, the less tax you pay. So we reward investment and discourage speculation.

5. Abolish all benefits, establish a universal income (I'd look into additional assistance for the disabled)

Dunno how feasible that is, but would be my starter for ten. The transition would probably be quite painful.

Edit: the idea is to discourage rent seeking and encourage work and long term investment. It'll never happen though :(

I was hoping for

3. No money back

4. No guarantee

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1) Backtrack on any cuts as soon as the public whinge.

2) Continue the housing ponzi by creating a shared equity scheme.

3) Build two useless aircraft carriers we don't need.

4) Contract out the building of useful stuff (ie trains) to foreigners.

5) Fight unwinnable wars in foreign lands.

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1. Ditch human rights legislation

2. Cut immigaration to all those who don't have a job to come to

3. Make employers demonstrate there is no one in the uk who can do the job before bringing in someone from abroad

4. Make it clear that businesses with flawed models fail

5. Allow 6 months benefits at 16 but when they're done they're done, allowing a month to be accrued for each year in full time education, employment or volunteer work. Any unclaimed benefit to be paid as a 4 times lump sum at retirement

Edit Oops 5

6. Benefits to be paid as food/rent/etc stamps

7. Only regulate markets to create a level playing field to all participants

8. Return to a gold standard and allow the value of the pound fall

9. Know farking idea

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1. Balanced budgets. MPs who are in office during a year that ends in deficit are banned from standing again for election for the next 10 years (so they can still spend like mad in case of national need, e.g. WW3, but they will think twice before starting another Iraq).

2. Citizen's Income to replace most benefits. Gets rid of the "benefits trap" where people cannot afford to accept a job.

3. Land Value Tax. More generally, use of scarce resources to be heavily taxed, in order to discourage hoarding and to encourage their most efficient use.

4. A "Monopoly Tax": say that Acme Corporation produces 100% of the widgets used in the country - they would pay a whopping tax on this - for example, 100% - which would give new competitors a massive cost advantage. Implement this as a sliding scale, starting when - for example - a company controls 25% of its market). Get rid of the ineffective Monopolies & Mergers Commission.

5. Devolve power.

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Here's my five:

  1. Enable LAs to build major new social housing - but only for registered council tax payers ie local people

  2. Cut corporation tax by 50% outside of the south-east

  3. Raise tax threshold to 20k for all self-employed

  4. Reduce petrol tax, but enable road-pricing on major motorways by private contractors

  5. Strict regulation on mortgage lending

1 and 5 without a doubt.

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1. Never lie about how much debt you have.

2. Don't let the public sector grow beyond 25%, certainly not 40% of GDP.

3. Don't accept loans for dodgy banks which they damned well know cannot possibly be repaid.

4. Try introducing "riot tourism".

5. Stop smashing so many plates.

Wait an minute - this is 5 policies to fix the UK economy isn't it :ph34r:

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Why would that work? Didn't one US company have that sort of policy where they just got rid of staff each year just for the sake of it?

...it's an efficiency system ....they get rid of 5% of their ineffective workers at all levels during the appraisal process each year...but they recruit fresh blood at the same time... :rolleyes:

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I am amazed that so many want more council housing and or social housing, as opposed to privately built housing.

The restricted housing goes to the likes of illegal immigrants, the feckless and Frank Dobson, but we need homes for working people.

And like wage top-ups it is a transfer of tax revenue from hard working families to the feckless rich and businesses who are too mean to pay a living wage.

Having skimmed through the other suggestions they seem to be a mix of the BNP and Socialist Worker manifestos.

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1 Flat tax of say 20% - easy to calculate, most will accept paying it, and easier to catch those who don't

2 Remove capital gains tax from investing in UK companies, and funds that invest in UK companies (it is better to have people's pensions invested in companies that will employ the next generation rather than BTL portfolios that will impoverish it)

3 Leave the EU and become part of European free trade zone with Norway and Switzerland

4 Complete separation of investment banking from retail banking (ring fencing not enough)

5 Tighten immigration controls and remove benefits for having children

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But it doesn't work out like that, the favourites get kept causing resentment amongst those that work. Fear creeps in and productivity starts to suffer.

Not sure if it wasn't Worldcom which had the policy of sacking 5% of it's workforce each year, as a motivational tool.

The company I work for endeavors to shed its lowest performing 10% of employees each year. You do not get fired as such, but your life just gets made such a misery that you leave.

To be fair, as a policy, it is fine with me. Any company tends to accumulate the odd idiot along the way, no matter how hard it tries to avoid it. At my place, the idiots leave with gratifying regularity.

I quite like the policy. You have to be pretty useless/lazy to be in the bottom 10% bucket so it is hardly a threat to anyone who gives a damn about their job.

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1) First £5,000,000 of export earnings exempt from tax (excludes financial institutions and similar businesses)

2) Public sector workers paid net and disenfranchised (No representation without taxation :-))

3) 10 years mandatory employment in public sector - state pension rendered unnecessary

4) No business permitted to derive more that 20% of gross revenue from public sector contracts (limits Capita etc)

5) Maximum period permitted in public sector employment capped at 20 years. (Reduces public sector pensions and supplies teaches/doctors/nurses etc to new big private sector)

I was a civil servant for many years. There are a number of excellent public sector workers. They would thrive in the private sector. The dross will be dross whatever is done but this set of proposals would limit the cost.


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