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The Euro Will Collapse Before The Dollar , The Dollar Will Be Dead By 2012


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Lindsey Williams : The Euro will collapse before the Dollar , the Dollar will be dead by 2012 , The second Mr X informed Pastor Lindsey Williams about all the crisis that are taking place in the middle east , in Egypt recently the Muslim brotherhood party become legal , the elite are going to give each of these countries to the Muslim brotherhood as they fall , in Libya ass soon as Gadaffi falls they are going to give the country to the Muslim brotherhood the same for Yemen and Syria but keep a close eye at what will happen in Saudi Arabia it is going to be the last country to fall , Saudi Arabia is where America gets most of its oil the royal family in Saudi Arabia will fall that's when you gonna see oil prices rising to $150 to $200 a barrel the us dollar will then collapse , do not worry about gold and silver prices says Pastor Lindsey Williams the elite are padding their pockets with gold and silver do not ever consider selling yours now the prices will go much much more higher , this is their currency , Gold is going to at least $3000 an ounce it is the only thing that will have any value when everything collapses ....America will default on its national debt , the federal reserve will declare default on its 14 and pass trillion dollar debt it is going to happen says Lindsey Williams , what ythe elite do is not about money the name of the game is CONTROL....

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Asheron is Congreve's love child.

To be honest I've noticed the arrival of Asheron (14posts) - how could we miss him with such a bold entrance.

He's on the right side of the tracks, but whacking up youtube clips all the time, especially ones from vested interest religious evangelists with hidden agendas (whipping up anti-muslim sentiment) does nothing but muddy the water IMO.

However, I would agree with the sentiment that in all likelihood, those at the top keep their wealth in gold and silver and are fully aware of what is on the cards. Either that or they are all thick as sh1t.

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Lindsey Williams :

I am one for a good conspiracy theory but I dont have toes and fingers to count how many times this crank has put forward 'predictions' based on infos from his 'insiders', that have all fell flat on thier faces. Like a wild west faith healer or cure all travelling medicine man, Lindsey Williams is forever dangling carrots of intrigue in front of his audience and the only way to get to that juicy carrot is buy his DVDs and keep on listening to him as he makes things up to suit whatever current affairs are going down.

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