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I've not been dragged along to one for a while. It's got dearer to get in and I'm only along for the picnic. My OH collects computer junk and they used to be a good place to look. And for electronics stuff but ebay is generally cheaper even thanwith the discount his mate Graham used to give him.

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One of my mates dad does this. Had a very catchy radio name - or whatever you call it.

Anyway we were asking about it recently - apparently a lot do still broadcasct and have chats and all. Then they go to online forums and email to talk about it. :lol::blink::(

Not sure if that is funny or sad or something else ?

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From your link Sarah:

"Cancelled Due To falling attendance.


One of the most professional Rallies ever put on"

That's what I guessed. But it still is kind of sad. They were a great body of avuncular, learned, technical men - like the radio-controlled modellers.

Everything ends, I suppose.

It might come back if they introduce the internet kill switch.

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