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Black Monday?


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Markets dislike delays and uncertainty was this what OP was banking on?

Euro falls as Greek debt crisis remains unresolved

]Financial markets slide over Greek bail-out delays

[/b]The fresh wave of uncertainty saw Britain's benchmark FTSE 100 index fall nearly 1% in the opening deals of the day, as finance ministers in eurozone countries said Athens would have to introduce yet more harsh austerity measures before it would extend extra funds. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, yesterday said the situation had become so dire that Britain should refuse to back Greece, to pave the way for the troubled country to default on its debts and leave the euro. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he said the euro's recent troubles had "exacerbated" the financial crisis and added that George Osborne, the Chancellor, should "stop chucking good money after bad".

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Markets dislike delays and uncertainty was this what OP was banking on?

Euro falls as Greek debt crisis remains unresolved

Google seems to think it's a fairly darkish Monday . . .

FTSE live: Greece exposure hits banks

This is Money - Ed Monk - 2 hours ago

As well as the banks, which have suffered because of a delay to the latest rescue package for Greece (see the 11.35 update), Aggreko, the company supplying ...

FTSE firmly lower as Greece problems drag banks lower‎ - Stock Market Wire

Spread betting companies call the FTSE 100 lower, Greece is the focus‎ - Economy News


Proactive Investors UK - NECN

all 39 news articles »

U.S. Equity-Index Futures Decline on Greece; Microsoft, Blackstone ...‎

Bloomberg - Rita Nazareth - 31 minutes ago

Stocks fell across the globe today as Europe faltered in its race to save Greece from default as finance chiefs said further aid hinged on embattled Prime ...

Greek crisis drags down local market‎ - ABC Online

all 64 news articles » MSFT


NYMEX-Crude falls as Greece debt woes pressure

Reuters - 2 hours ago

Euro zone finance ministers kept up intense pressure on Greece, saying Greece had to approve tougher austerity measures before a final decision could be ...

Oil down more than $1 as Greece, US econ outlook weigh‎ - Reuters Africa

Greece's debt woes hit US stock futures‎ - MSN Money

Crude Lower As Greek Crisis Weighs‎ - Wall Street Journal

Bloomberg - Hindustan Times

all 537 news articles »

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- Sticks finger in air -

Market closed up on Friday so I reckon people were probably expecting Mercat to make a world saving announcement over the weekend.

We've not had anything earth shattering so my guess would be the market will open slightly down (1-2%) and then stay flatish minus some major development.

More luck than judgement.. but I'm pretty happy with that call :D

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