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Algeciras Bankrupt

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The City of Algeciras is bankrupt.This was said today the new delegate of Finance, Luis Angel Fernandez, who stressed that as of June 15 suppliers debt exceeds 125 million euros."There is a creditor in the city that owed money," he said.

Cities first - whole country later?

(Google translate does leave a little to desire for the non spanish speakers).

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You would have thought that Algeciras would be quite a rich place, what with the port, ferry terminal and oil refinery.

But maybe the cash goes straight to the Mayor of the province of Andalucia.

We know the town hall in Sevilla will look after it. :D

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Germany will bail them out providing:

All wages are cut by 50%

No one can retire ever

VAT up 30%

All schools and hospital closed for 4 days a week

Lights out at 10 o'clock

This will correct some of the structural weaknesses in the economy

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Link works, but it has nothing to do with bankruptcy. Some sort of porn. Click the link and allow Google to translate it, and the opening paragraph reads

"Reassure staff in the payment of payroll Sánchez Rull but emphasizes that "can not get breast""

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No, it's the town across from Gibraltar. Never been there myself but people tell me it's always been a grim place, a bit like Scunthorpe.

Incidentally the link in the OP isn't working.

I used to live in Gibraltar and thought Algeciras was paradise. Everything is relative. Like Scunthorpe is a fair comparison, but with a beach and sunshine.

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