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Greg Rusedski - More Tarnish On Property "investing"

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Keep these stories coming and the crash is inevitable, everybody will start wanting to get their money out.

Greg actually looks quite smart in converting from an investment to a loan, should get his money back anyway.

Greg Rusedski is suing Britain’s former Davis Cup captain David Lloyd for more than £740,000 he invested in a £9 million project to build luxury villas in Thailand.

Mr Rusedski is demanding his money back three years after investing the cash in Mr Lloyd’s company because so far no properties have been completed – and he claims he has not received an explanation about what has happened to the money.

The Rusedskis are now demanding their money back with interest payments, and any profit that was made from it.

A close friend of Mr Rusedski said: ‘The crux of the matter is they invested this money some time ago and they’d like it back.’

'This weekend Mr Lloyd declined to comment when contacted at his million-pound property in Leatherhead, Surrey.

But a source said: ‘This is outrageous. Greg Rusedski is trying to destroy the reputation of David Lloyd as a businessman. He is threatening to jeopardise a business project worth £9 million.

‘Back in 2008, Greg approached David when they were playing golf and said he wasn’t making any money from tennis any more. So David suggested that he invest his money in this property deal as a way of making money. But after investing his money, Greg became panicky about it, so his investment was turned into a loan which he will get back as soon as the villas are sold.’

Greg became WISER about it.


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Sounds a bit of a racket to me.

The houses are intended for wealthy Westerners who want a holiday home there. The area is popular with golfer Tiger Woods and Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

Can't see what can go wrong here at all! His money is safe! laugh.gif

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