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Public Sector Growth Accelerates...

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Either Brown cuts public sector jobs or raises taxes.

Or he borrows more, breaking his golden rule and ultimately necessitating higher interest rates.

They cannot stop the inevitable, but the longer they try and put it off, the worse it will be.

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Most of the week I work for the local PCT (Primary Care Trust (NHS)).

Currently, we have a £10m deficit and a freeze on new positions.

In my opinion we offer a cr@p service. This is not because the people on the frontline are not trying, it is just that we are spread way too thinly.

Might just be my opinion but I always imagined an organisation looking a bit like a pyramid with the 'doers' at the bottle providing the service, with smaller and smaller levels of management above. I feels now like an inverse pyramid with an ever decreasing number of 'doers' being told to work even harder by an ever burgeoning layer of 'managers, consultants, advisors'.

Personally, I am absolutely sick of people who never go near the frontline getting paid fat salaries to telling us to do things they may never have done/ have given up doing for the refuge of a cosy office.

This country is going down the toilet.


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