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Wage Push Inflation Still Slowing As Jobless Claims Rise

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U.K. Jobless Claims Rise Faster Than Estimated While
Growth in Wages Slows
By Svenja "Sven" O’Donnell - Jun 15, 2011 10:29 AM GMT+0100

Jobless claims rising as wages decline is not the stuff of which inflation is made of. Collapse in demand coupled with global over-capacity does not bode well for those who have large debts or overly invested in certain inflation hedges. :o

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Any fall in demand will be met by the printing press.

Remember when April-May had a major fall in consumer demand? And remember how this corrolated to an increase in the government deficit spending those months?

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If the UK was the only country in the world, then deflation may well occur. However the UK is a fairly insignificant little island and if the people living on it cannot afford to buy things they like, then others in other countries will. Inflation will not be going away in the UK, until there is a political will to deal with it, by which time it will likely be too late.

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