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"hundreds Of Thousands" Set To Strike In Uk Over Summer

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I address this to "Sir Merv" who is possibly enjoying a slap-up lunch paid for by a an unrealistic bear.


Inflation has caused wages to lessen in real terms. "Sir Merv" (pass the bucket if you'd be so kind) has caused this inflation. Now wage demands will cause further pressure and further inflation. Is this all part of their plan I wonder. Sir Merv, 'fess up if it's your plan, and who will buy non index linked bonds from the DMO in future if they see this is how the govt heads for the exits when the kitchen gets too hot?

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Meanwhile the private sector will also strike under the banner “Enough is Enough”

I don’t and probably won’t have a pension, i have had a pay freeze for 2 out of 3 years but am i happy to carry on paying for public sector workers to have them and retire earlier and be paid better – NO I AM NOT.

The private sector really needs to get a voice over this – one that probably brings more than a 40% turn out of its members.

That siad maybe they could pay for some of this out of the bangster's bag of swag, all for that.

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As long as they tell us a month or two in advance, that would be great. Then I can take the family for a nice holiday at 50% less than the August rates.

Great point, we ought to be thanking them, do think they can give us the dates in advance?

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Taking to the streets in peaceful protest is a complete waste of time and thanks to the govt making an example of that student with the fire extinguisher people are too scared to start throwing rocks and burning down buildings. They could take some inspiration from Greece but the MSM is so sanitised most folk don't even know Greece has kicked off.

If they want to make themselves heard then come out on strike and stay out indefinitely until the situation is resolved, oh sorry they cannot do that as we are a nation of debt slaves that must work to pay off the banksters loans we took out to buy houses that were 8x more expensive than they should have been.

Sometimes I wish someone would plug me back into The Matrix...

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I see that the Telegraph is reporting that Civil Servants are going to have a day off on 30th June.

Interesting quote from the article, "The very modest pay and pensions of public servants did not cause the recession, so they should not be blamed or punished for it. "

Well actually, high public service pay sucks the best workers out of the private sector, and is in no little part responsible for the problems the nation is now facing. That is to mention nothing of the ruinous burden of public sector gold plated pensions.

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Cameron will take on the Teachers. Free Schools are non union shops and academy schools do not have to be union shops and they can also choose between full union rights and restricted union rights i.e opting out of collective pay bargaining.

So you will have a situation where all the state maintaing schools close for the day most academies stay open and teach kids. The the Goverment says well send you kids to academies or free schools in the future if you want them to be educated because the teachers there care about the kids. Massive public support for the Govt, applications to state schools fall massively, Academies and Free Schools maaively over subscribed, Union shoots of both feet in one go.

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Interesting quote from the article, "The very modest pay and pensions of public servants did not cause the recession, so they should not be blamed or punished for it."

Aren't we all in this together?

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