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Scottish Power Legally Mugs The Consumer And Gets To Do It With A Smile.

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Scottish Power legally mugs the consumer and gets to do it with a smile.biggrin.gif

Energy generator and provider Scottish Power joins the rest of the energy companies by continuing their strangle hold of squeezing the consumer by announcing they are to increase their prices yet again.

Scottish power which has approx 5.2 million customers in which to exploit, has decided to use the same script and say it's due to the UK wholesale price.

May I suggest to that you change your energy supplier to a provider and not a generator/provider because the generators are the ones who set the wholesale price in the UK .Try selecting a provider who offers a fixed price that 'doesn't' charge you a standing charge or has a varying rate for increased usage but just a flat rate no matter how much you use.

I'm with EBICo Ltd - using the market, making a difference (Equigas) for gas which for me means I'm charged 3.82p kWh excluding VAT (4.011p per kWh including VAT at 5%) I have to stress that,'That is it' No! Varying rate, No standing charge and that's the price, no matter what part of the UK you live in .I'm stressing this bit because so many gullible people say that their rate is cheaper but don't take into account that the rate charge goes up after a certain amount of usage, for example, for gas when I use to be with British gas it went up after 941 kwh to a higher rate.

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Britain's energy price hikes are blatant profiteering cursing.gif

The price rises by the energy companies in the past decade here in the UK are not just unjustified they're blatant profiteering says the Competition Commission.

They have used the same excuse of 'Increase of wholesale prices' too frequently that it's warying a bit thin.Energywatch says when you' control the companies that set the wholesale price as well as sell it to the British consumer you can use this excuse at you leisure .

If you remember last year, wholesale energy prices fell dramatically but this decrease was not passed on to the consumer.

An Energywatch statement confirms that energy companies are creaming off extra profits for as long as they are allowed to get away with it.

Chief executive, Allan Asher, said: "We believe there should be a Competition Commission inquiry into whether there is a cartel at work. Consumers have had enough of the relentless profiteering from energy companies. They deserve to know that everything is being done to stamp this out" thumbup1.gif


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All our energy firms are now foreign owned and completely control the UK energy market and our government is full of rhetoric but there is nothing they can do to stop them and to be honest I don't think they really want to, if this wasn't the case they would have foreseen the situation and we would have now far greater storage capacity. I mean it's not as if it sneaked up on them, a blind man with a stick could of foreseen this and we would have been selling them our gas for the last thirty odd years during the winter months at an extravagant price instead of the other way round and since this is not the situation that can only mean they planned it this way or they are completely incompetent.

So 'We', as usual the moaning Minnies of Europe will 'Whine' but in the end will just put up and eventually shutup!! And why not! We're use to it .It's just another cartel and monopoly which we are so good at creating and maintaining, we're just teaching our neighbours how lucrative it is legally mugging the British people. Unfortunately it's hard trying to restrain their total greed; they're literally foaming at the mouth.:P

They're now at the stage of behaving like they're oil companies, quick to pass on increases in prices, but fail to act when they fall. The price of oil has fallen by a fifth in the past month if you didn't know and since we are now conveniently informed that gas and oil prices are linked, gas prices should be falling. Instead the Prices defy gravity — they go up, but they never come down.

The European energy companies are often owned by the state from which they come and face no competition at home. But unlike our governments past and present they manipulate the market to protect their home market (Awhhh! ain't that nice of them).

So we'll just have to look forward to the prospect of paying £200+ a month to heat and light our homes this winter. Sorry! Old people but I think this is your cue for the winter months ahead "hurry up and die" at this rate I'll be joining you soon.biggrin.png

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Ovo Energy says Wholesale energy prices have dropped by 9.5% Ovo Energy, One of the other 20 smaller energy suppliers has pledged to bring Bills down to it's customers .

Ova says that prices in the wholesale energy market have fallen across the board by 9.5% over the past year

Its pledge comes just weeks after another competition enquiry found that the big six where found to be running a cartel.


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