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They just want it all for themselves and dont realise they are helping create a new consumer market which will help keep their own selves in employment. :unsure:

What like Tanzania Radar systems?

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On the face of it, a very noble thing and something as a Briton I could be proud of — but is this the right approach?

The underlying issue in third world countries is the poverty and not the dying children, no matter how heart rending the children's suffering is. If this was part of a larger plan to reduce poverty then it would be easier to feel more positive about the gesture. Because that is all it is; a gesture and in no way a solution to anything. Time will tell of course, but in five years time will we need to be vaccinating more children? Have we set a precedent where we will constantly be vaccinating increasing numbers of children in third world countries? A more permanent solution will be birth control and education. Until the taps are stopped, the vaccination is a futile act. We can feel a little bit better about ourselves that some lives have been saved today, but no problem has actually been solved for tomorrow.

Of course the world would be a better place if it was fairer, and wealth distributed more equitably. Maybe then the 7billion people in the world could be supported and all lifted out of poverty. There is more than enough "wealth" to go around to eradicate famine, disease and starvation. In the current economic ecosystem this paradigm shift is very unlikely to ever happen.

The argument goes that so many children are born into poor families because it is expected that many will die, pretty much as has happened around the world throughout history. The parents are playing a number game. No less sad when a child dies, but they need a reasonable sized brood to care for them in old age. There are no social safety nets in these countries to fall back on here.

I guess there are parallels with the global financial situation. Just like economies need more and more debt to "grow" increasing numbers of people living in poverty need to give birth to an increasing number of children. Both are blatantly unsustainable, and the sooner systemic problems are tackled the better. Dabbling on the fringes of a huge issue like this may be good for the immediate tomorrow for those it saves, but I can't help but feel the long term solution lies elsewhere.

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Isnt the point that you can give as little or as much time or money as you wish as an individual. I only donate to a family charity (more of a missionary thing tbh) that i know where it goes.

I find that government decides to give my money on my behalf to something there is little or no oversight of a very worrying thing, whether here or abroad. In this case its probably little more than a billion pound giveaway to the drugs companies.

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