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Democrats Urge Weiner To Resign, New Photos Emerge

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New lewd photos emerged of Representative Anthony Weiner on Sunday as Democratic party leaders renewed calls for him to resign over an Internet sex scandal that prompted him to seek a leave and treatment.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, said party leaders including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi decided to make a coordinated push for Weiner to step down once it was clear he did not intend to do so.

"At the end of the day a member of Congress makes their own decision and that's certainly going to be up to Anthony Weiner," Wasserman Schultz said on NBC's "Meet the Press".

"But we have made clear that he needs to resign, he needs to focus on getting his own personal issues in order, focus on his family and do the right thing for his constituents."

If he's been sending pictures to people who consent what's the problem? Unless of course they are underage and he knew it.

Although worth a mention just for his name alone, for flashing his weener.

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the reason he should resign is that in the aftermath of sending his pictures to the wrong person he and his liberal cronies in the media said that his twitter had been hacked and then that the blogger who broke the story had hacked into his account. he did a creepy interview with abc where he was so arrogant and condescending to the interviewer for having the temerity to suggest that he could have sent these pictures. then when it all emerged that he had actually done it then all the liberals wanted to just forgive him and move on without calling for him to resign because he lied abotu sending hte pictures, he lied about being hacked and he and his liberal friends went after hte blogger for 3 days to suggest that he was the victim here. for such deception and ability to lie with consummate ease he should resign and not just because he is unfaithful to his wife and a bit of a lech

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