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Fc United Are Moving To Moston

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We bizarely got invited to the discussions...

I might go to:

Session 4

Venue: Miners Community & Arts Centre, Teddington Road

Because I assume that's what used to be the Moston Miners Club - (where many years ago I went to a public meeting and had to speak to the bar manager who would only speak to me if a man repeated the words I said... f*cking arsey sexist tw7ts)

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A "friend" is pressuring my wife to look at houses in Moston. Supposedly its very nice and the schools are just as good as the ones in Altrincham and Hale. I suggested that if this friend wants to help, he should STFU.

New Moston is better than Moston


this is near me. Has a tiny back garden but the same in Chorlton would cost you about 500k I reckon

On at auction for 180+ http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35374577.html


this is good value compared to South Manchester. For this much friends have bought a 2 1/2 bedroom end terrace with a tiny paved yard front and back.

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Just what I was thinking. And you could add a few more decent postcodes on top of that in Sale, Knutsford, etc. and still have a decent semi or 3 bed detached bungalow for under £250k.

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I also posted a detached on at auction for 180


To be fair there are other detached houses for less.


93 three bedroom properties for sale found


starting at 54k

You could get 2 (or more) for the price of one in South Manchester

The expensive detached one at auction now has been on market for a little while -

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Yes, and there's a reason for that...

Hint: I could probably get 2 (or more) in Somalia for the price of one in New/Old Moston.

I'll leave you to join the dots. :)

All you get in Chorlton is better little boutiquey shops - ideal for yummy mummys with cash to spare.

The crime rate is worse in Chorlton than New Moston.

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And I wouldn't touch Hulme, no matter how cheap. :)

I've lived in Whalley Range, Hulme, Ardwick, New Moston and now Chadderton. Not in that order.

There are different types of scary.

In Hulme the scary kids were scary. The pimps you could ignore.

In Ardwick everyone is scary.

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