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Shelter Life On 98,500 Japan Evacuees

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Nearly three months after the disaster, evacuation shelters in and around Fukushima remain full.

On those left homeless by Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami is situation likely to worsen. The problem is particularly severe for 98,500 Japan's nuclear refugees. "They can't think ahead to the future, and this is very hard psychologically". "They don't know when they can go home. Families have been broken up."

There is no doubt that they are seeing people dealing with a greater amount of stress. "Mainly, it is not serious mental illness, but rather complaints stemming from bouts of depression or other issues from daily life." The fatigue of shelter life is wearing evacuees down mentally - especially the elderly, who make up a disproportionate number of the evacuees.Some evacuees have found lodging with family or friends, while some others have been fortunate enough to move into government-supplied shelters, including prefabricated homes or hotels and hot springs resorts that have been rented out for that purpose. More prefab homes are being built, but not enough to meet demand.

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Well there are numerous cities in China they could all move to. ;)

Wasn't that tried in 1931? :huh:

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