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I use to love using bloomberg everyday to keep up with things ,but they changed their site to a new version .For a while you could still get the old version by clicking on go to old version but now this is no more .I can still get the old version at work but i am sure once the coookies are deleted this ill be nor more and I do miss the old version bloomberg.noir .Do any of you guys still get the old version with black back ground .It is strande really because the old version still exists but I have no way of getting to it .I click on the link for bloomberg noir and google but always get redirected .shame really as the old version was much better ,anyone else miss it .

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Using firefox, download 'NoScript' addon (http://noscript.net). http://noir.bloomberg.com won't then jump to the new version. Is annoying as you have to manually allow/disallow plugins per site - i.e Allow Scripts Globally when not using bloomberg, otherwise when you are, but it does work.

Thank you very much finnaly I have got the old version back much apreciated .

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