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Hpc Ahead, But When?

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Having read many discussions about the ecnomic theories related to the housing market and the stock market in the last few days, I'd like to drop my two cents here.

1) The participation of FTBs is the key source of this buy/sell game, so when the price/salary ratio is now up to 5 or 6 times high in some regions, fewer young people can afford the current price as FTB. By no means the price will drop, unless Britain can attract some hot money from overseas, just like China and India did in the past ten years, otherwise, HPC is just a matter of time.

2) I personally believe the impact of Greenspan's retirement is huge on the US economy and hence the British economy. History always repeats itself. If old Greenspan leaves on the New Year's Day, there might be something happenning in half a years time in the states. If we say that might happen in June 2006 in the states, will something similar happen in the UK later in 2006?

Actually many friends in the States are now worried about their V8 5L cars, heating, etc. and they see the house price declining already. Look again the housing market in AU. :-)

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