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Following the recent Express +16% article. This week alone my inbox has been much more positive on rising house prices. Only a week or so ago I was encouraged that the message was started to be told. The uk is fecked, Housing is overpriced etc etc but this week I am seeing what I think is a fightback in the media. If I did not log into hpc or take an interest in what is happening (unlike the majority of Joe Public) I could be forgiven in thinking that house prices have indeed stalled in some areas but not to worry because very soon it`s full steam ahead cos the value of your house can only go up.. Supply and demand innit !!.. Banks will start lending again soon. It`s sunny out. BGT is on the box

It`s not what we know to be true. It`s what the people are fed and believe. People will only see what they want to see.

Today I get this from Lovemoney.com


Why house prices will rise over the next five years

Yesterday I got this from upmystreet


Land Registry House Prices Up 0.8%

House prices increase by 0.8% in April, after two months of decline. Last month's strongest region, the North West, has sunk to the bottom of the pile with a 1.7% drop, whilst London returns to the top as prices increase by 3%.

All this `Nothing to see here shite just delays the inevitable. We must be a nation of muppets when a large percentage (Millions) of the population can be manipulated by Simon Cowell to vote for the acts that make him fortunes.

The word Sheeple is apt. Do as your told and believe what we tell you.

Have a nice weekend my learned friends. :)

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