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Russia Bans Imports Of Eu Vegetables

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Russia has banned the import of all fresh vegetables from the European Union because of the E. coli outbreak centred on Germany.

The country's chief medical officer said EU-produced vegetables would be seized across Russia.

More than 1,500 people have been infected by enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC), which can cause the deadly haemolytic-uraemic syndrome (HUS).

Seventeen people have died - 16 of them in Germany and one in Sweden.

Earlier suggestions that infected Spanish cucumbers were the source of the outbreak have now been discounted, with German health officials admitting they do not know where this particularly virulent strain of of E.coli has come from.

The EU regarded the Russian ban as "disproportionate" and would be lodging a protest, European Commission spokesman Frederic Vincent said.

He added that the total value of EU exports of fresh vegetables to Russia was 600m euros a year, a quarter of the total exported. Spain, France, Germany and Poland are the biggest exporters.

Russia banned vegetable imports from Germany and Spain earlier this week.

Protectionism redux.

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German banned imports from Spain first, costing the Spainiards €100m euros a day in binned produced.

Now the Germans have their produce banned (when the problem is in Germany!) they get all upity about it!!!

They appear to want their gold rather more than they want their cucumbers.

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They appear to want their gold rather more than they want their cucumbers.

Believe me Germans want their cucumber, and a whopping in the public toilet!

Taxi zum Klo ??? :huh:

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Someone been planting ecoli cucumbers?

Dont think they grow with ecoli in them, probably just those crazy Germans been playing 'hide ze cucumber' again, but forgetting to rinse them afterwards.

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Anything anti-West is good for Putin.

Vlad the Impaler has just issued a warning to Nato to not even think about intervening in the Syrian genocide under way. Vladimir and the King of Syria are good friends and it is a surpise that they are not in there helping the Colonel cull his rebellious people.

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So to sum up the view on this board this is the work of sexually pervertet terrorists with straight cucumbers, a dirty truck and an ambition to forment discord between Russia and Europe. I would never have worked that out on my own.

If you think that`s far fetched just wait until Erranta turns up. ;)

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Has anyone considered that this could be the work of terrorists?

Who, CIA, Mossad or some big pharma industry?

After all the last big health scare (swine flu) is almost 2 years old, something new was needed to keep the population worried and distracted.

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It could be as simple as a single dirty warehouse or truck spreading it around.

They are packed into boxes for transport, so, best avoid sticking your cucumber in a dirty box, you never know what you might catch.

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