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Kate Humble's Bum Is Getting A Bit Fat


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I am big gutted, I was quite in love with her through the noughties. I remember seeing her about 10 years ago in a show where she had to train to be a club rep (she was far too nice, great TV) and wandering about in a red swimsuit. My god, she had a body.

She'll have to work really hard to get me now.

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I'm always concerned, when she talks in that over-animated BBC presenter way, that her eyebrows might shoot off the top of her head.

I find you can introduce a timetable of route march style walking and cycle rides under the pretext of wanting to spend more time together to nip any developing lard-ar5e issues in the bud - However, word of warning, you can be rumbled if you get caught preparing meals with low-cal groceries for her but not for yourself. :(

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