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Would You Have Plastic Surgery / Hair Replacement Therapy?

Dave Beans

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Ive always had longish hair and its now receding. Still dont think i would have it done though. When i gets bad i will just get it scalped and learn to live with it.

No! You need to grow it longer at the back and add a goatee.

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I would never have vanity plastic surgery to fight the effects of getting older. I would however have surgery to correct something that I found personally upsetting. Maybe a huge nose or sticky out ears for example.

Luckily I am naturally stunning ;)

Martini anyone?

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Hmmm....Don't know unless I needed it, but for minor "alterations" I'd consider it...those who have had loads, they can look ridiculous and unnatural...

Well you can't really have 'loads' of hair transplant treatments as there is only a certain amount of healthy donor hair that can be harvested.In many cases only a couple of thousand grafts worth.

Anyway i have made my own laser comb with around 70 lasers for $325 or so , it is working well after a couple of months although my hair loss was never that bad to begin with.

As for plastic surgery i would only use it if i had a disfiguring accident or was born with a serious defect (eg cauliflower ear)

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Losing my hair did me the world of good in my early twenties as before then I was a timid, geeky curtained haired virgin. I admitted defeat pretty early on and just graded it all over and the attention from the opposite sex was overwhelming.

No I wouldn't have hair implants or plastic surgery.

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Is that why your hair looks like a stunned mullet?

Look, it worked for me in the 80's, and 90's and the way the chicks walk past and smile at me means the mullet looks still works for me now. Some even nudge other chicks to check me out and they often get the nervous giggles. My Mullet is awesome.

Live with it <_<

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