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Bit Of Labour Bashing

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Hi all, I know this is a bit off topic but I thought I'd share this story with everyone.

My sister works for a charity and they had a stand at the liar Party Conference this week, ops sorry the Labour Party Conference. Anyhoo.

Near to her stand there was a PR labour stand which had a big banner saying

"a third term for labour means..."

and a white board underneath that invited people to write their comment on what they think the labour party should concentrate on in there third term. As you would expect the usual one's where posted during the week, drop the debt, more police etc....etc.

However whilst my sister looked on, a 10 year old boy was cutely invited to write on the board what he would like from labour in their third term, whilst the boy pondered what to write a small crowd gathered to see what sweet, innocent and adorable things the young boy would come up with. After a few moments contemplation he began to write with marked concentration on the board. Tongue out he slowly wrote and the air on expectation rose as the boy made his marks. With the anticipation of the gathered crowd growing he finally stepped aside to reveal his thoughts.


Boy: "more techers"

The boys father then came forward and pointed out to the lad were it went wrong, unfortunately my sister was unable to geta photo because she was laughing too much.

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