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Off Topic : Need Your Help, Please

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My niece is in a bonny baby competition. Could I ask that you take 30 seconds to grab your mobile and text

BABY 279

to 84555

That's BABY with a space...then 279 to the number 84555

It would be so appreciated my me and the family and would mean a lot

Hope this request is allowed but the wee thing has been through a lot in her short life and to win the competition would be amazing and would earn you guys some serious respect from me and my family

Appreciate your help folks :)

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Can't say anything else but thanks.

It's not the money I'm motivated by but the positive kick that winning would give to the family concerned, given their situation. To have such an injection of positve feeling is worth more than money could ever buy.

I'm touched you guys have helped and are helping. Hope she wins and that would give her mother and the rest the boost they deserve :D

I truly mean it when I say thanks so much...for the price of a marsbar it means a lot to me and to the family.

HPC forum members once again showing a nice touch of class B)

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Not wanting to piss on your strawberries, but won't it be a hollow victory to have amassed votes by doing this?

not really mate...any prize money is irrelevant to be honest and as I've stated before the boost in morale for the family concerned is worth more than cash would ever achieve :)

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My vote is now in as well Subby. Fingers crossed she wins. Let us know how you get on. When's the winner announced?

I'm not sure when it closes to be honest. I just felt that I could call on my fellow "internet warriors" :P ...to see if they could help make a family see that there are good people out there willing to help.

I will of course let you all know when I hear anything B)

Thanks again for everyone who votes...you've got my grateful thanks.

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Huge thanks to everyone who voted :)

Ellie is now in the semi finals so need to do it again lol.

Seriously though the family are bouncing with glee at the fact she got through...and to see that positivity for me personally is immense, just what the family needed. Of over a hundred babies...she is deffo top 20 and has a chance to be top ten next week.

many thanks again people...respect to you all!

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That`s me voted again Subby......

Come on the HP Crashers... We made the semis !!

They should make her a mini t-shirt with


Saddled with a lifetime of debt but I started out a


I`ll go again Subby when she makes the final ;)

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