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I've seen other forums running on this ******ing awful forum engine running a tapatalk app.

I have to ask though, what's wrong with the mobile skin?

I would also like to have tapatalk activated so we can read the forum form our mobiles more easily.

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Any news on tapatalk being integrated?

Lots of users have smartphones or indeed tablet devices now that can take advantage of this.

If the forum owners needs a 'heads up' full instructions on how to get the (free) plugin are here Tapatalk

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No, in fact the current google ads prevent the growing number of mobile users from using the site. I'm sure the crappy ads are really making them money :rolleyes:

Bit of a late reply I know but only just started using HPC on a mobile device, an Android Galaxy Ace. The site is actually a lot smoother. The lack of flash actually a blessing as no cpu consuming adverts. However would think Fubra will be considering the loss of potential revenue from mobile browsing. Possibly an app is a way to go and use various others that manage to insert a small banner top and bottom of field which are not too intrusive.

Edited to add that the Frontrunner app includes ad support (Admob, Adsense etc).

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