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What A News Blog This Morning For The Bears

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In all my time doing the news blogs on HPC , I can't recall seeing so many Bearish articles in all of the papers this morning, be it either about house prices, spending slowdown or the ecomomy, all VI negative and bearish. Check the blog for the full stories.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

ThisisMoney: House prices continue to fall

Telegraph: Brown 'still too optimistic' over growth

Independent: Economy: Things can only get tougher Retail sales hit 22-year low

Guardian: Struggling GCap threatens 100 job cuts

Guardian: Blood on the shop floor as retailers report sales falling at the fastest rate since records began

Scotsman: Scotmid axes jobs on first loss in 20 years

TimesOnline: Yet more blood on the high street

BBC NEWS | Business | House price 'slowdown continues'

Independent: Richard Lambert; The risks are on the downside... consumption needs to pick up quickly


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Think I'm right in saying the Daily Express has something about panic over the size of home loans and arrears plastered over the front page. Can't be more detailed, just glanced at it on the stand the way past the newsagents earlier.

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Express headline is "Alarm as home loan debts hit new high"

However you have to suscribe to get the "e-edition" and haven't been out of the house yet!!

(Crikey you have to be quick around here!!)

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Yep - must be getting close to BoE MPC intrest rate meeting time again!

The way to stop people taking on more debt is raising interest rates.

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Boots gloom over Christmas

another for the blog Johnny


I was in the UK (Midlands) this time last year, unfortunately helping my mother finalise her sister's estate :(.

When I got back to Australia I told several people I had been startled by the sheer wealth on show in England. When my family emigrated in 1967, Australia definitely had a higher standard of living than the UK; last year it seemed to be the other way around.

It does however seem that UK growth is now slowing much more sharply than over here, probably because we are being helped by the China effect. (Unless the US stops buying Chinese exports, when all hell would break loose :o .)

Mum inherited her sister's house BTW, and I more or less bullied her into selling it immediately. I've got to say that call is starting to look correct B).

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