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Guardian Public Sector Cutswatch

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I wonder what the impression will be though over on the mainland -- that NI is exempt or protected from the cuts. I thought NIPSA would have been sending in cuts information.

I would say that most wouldn't even bother to scroll over to see what’s happening in NI. Few will have any idea as to how we're funded and what levels of services we have anyway. Call me a cynic and no disrespect to guardian readers but I’d imagine that most think we’re (NI) living in some second world province. I’d imagine that when the spending cuts proper, take effect in full middle England’s eyes will be looking closely at the Barnett formula and the ridiculous subsidies we receive over here. Can’t imagine many Tory votes will be happen when their council tax bill increases, hospitals close and people start losing their jobs but 15 odd miles away their NI brothers build and fund state of the art cancer units and employ a bloated public sector. Just my two pence.

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