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B.t. Cheerfully Admits To Spying On It's Customers Lans

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Been having some interesting conversations with them over the last week. Long and short is I'm getting DOS attacks to my fixed ip where I run my own webserver written by myself ie its not apache running PHP or Windows running IIS. They mainly originate from Bagalore but also from a myriad of other IP addresses along with various Romanian sounding tools to hack websites running PHP although this could really be a bluff to throw people off the scent as some claim its really Chinese people doing the hacking before and after work, but I can only trace back to the originating IP address which is often just a zombie server acting as a gateway.

Anyway after informing some media/website companies including some in Europe their servers have been hacked it turns out BT dont stop DOS attacks on the public network to their customers so today I put it to them that if they cant stop the DOS attacks I cant use their broadband and will have to look at alternative providers.

Touch wood so far no DOS attacks since lunch time but what I found interesting is that the only other option BT could offer me was to go over to their private network and have a leased line which costs around £3-4k a year. Now I'm right on top of one of their nodes so could go for 100mb leased line if I wanted to spend that sort of money, but its a private network than spans the globe so there would only be a few hops from anywhere on the internet to BT's private network at which point their network faciltiies would be able to block these attacks as its also what the Govt uses to protect their stuff.

Either way I suspect DOS attacks will be on the rise but most people wont know about them becuase their routers might not provide logging facilities or have them switched on to hilight the attacks but what they might notice is the internet seems slower than normal.

Anyway will see if I get any overnight, hopefully contacting the various web design companies who havent setup their PHP servers properly will close some gateways to these hackers at the very least.

Edit:Spoke too soon, just been hit by the hackers again.

I'm sure you've thought about this so not really sure why I suggest it, but can't you run your web app somewhere else?

I'm a developer and I keep two servers for client work (development, test, demos) - one a little VPS and the other a cheap dedicated box.

I can't have a fixed IP where I am - connection is Three 3G, we can't get broadband any other way, but even if I could, I'd be reluctant to host locally unless it was something so specialised it could only work like that.

The VPS box is only about £28 a month and the dedicated box only about £60 a month. But then they're not production boxes and so while one has RAID there's little in the way of redundancy as if it fails it has nothing on it that I don't have locally, doesn't have an SLA and a bt of downtime wouldn't be a big deal.

(All the production sites are hosted on dedicated boxes at Rackspace, I don't go anywhere near or get involved with that, it's a very slippery slope!)

I thought quite a few ADSL providers stated that the connection was not for the purposes of serving out data e.g. running a web server so it's probably not surprising that they're not prepared to put in any great effort in stopping the attacks, if it's a 5 meg downstream connection (or whatever) even the most severe DDOS attack on it probably isn't going to do anyone else any damage.

With a leased line you'd certainly expect to be able to run your services on it, and you'd certainly expect much better levels of attentiveness.

But then at £2 to £3k installation plus anything from £300 (Metronet city type stuff) to £2000 a month for a fairly basic 10 meg down it's not a cheap option and such a thing isn't portable, and while it would have a meaningful SLA (unlike ADSL services) and would give you 10meg upstream so your users would get a much better experience perhaps, I then come back to the idea of just putting it on a box in a data centre. Which is cheaper. And portable. And resilient....

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