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Advice Needed - Thinking Of Selling My Flat, However Have Nowhere To Move To When It Goes Through

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Hi folks,

Havent been on this site since the days of 2005, but I know there is a lot of folk on here who know their stuff. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am rather stuck.

My Query Is...

How can I sell up my flat if I have no secondary / forwarding address ?

I am seriously thinking of selling up and moving on (probably to rent for a while) however I am a bit unlucky in that I dont really have anyone to help me (no family / friends about, one of the reasons I want to move on). I have asked my "mother in law" if I could use her address for my correspondence if I do sell, and she basically said "No" (seems to think there will be repurcussions for her and dad, I think this is just an excuse, ust need to have a contacable address, she is a bit odd really. She really was my only chance of doing this easily, but its her house, so fair enough.

So if I did sell where could I use as an address whilst I look for a place to live ?

And if I did rent I may be moving about a bit so would be a problem possibly. I should have a large sum of money (well approx £80 G) if I do sell up, but its the logistics of selling up with no where to go thats really blocking me. Also it is a Sared Ownership property so hard to tell how log it will take to sell (procedures etc). Hate this place though, would never go Shared Ownership again, its a real money sponge, and the people who run these things I find are amateurish.

Can one get a P.O. Box for such use ? I have even thought about asking a local church or homeless centre if its possible to use their address (really weird being so alone.

I guess what I might do is put the flat up for sale and when I get a definite offer I may try to get a rental ASAP. Though of course this can lead to problems if the deal falls through. May even try a hostel, really do not know

Any advice greatly required and appreciated


(London, Harrow area)

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Why not use a PO Box address? Sorted. The only problem is some people will want your true address, so why not continue to use your current address and have a forwarding service to your PO address.

Or maybe just use your work address? I do this sometimes and put Flat xx (even though it's an industrial unit), but that's only for spam stuff.

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You could get a PO Box - but they are tied to your current residential address. So if you currently live in Harrow, then your allocated PO Box will be at the Harrow sorting office. Not great if you suddenly up sticks and move across London.

The alternative is a private mailbox (eg with Mailboxes Etc). They have branches all over town and you can pick whichever branch you want (ie one in central London or one near work). Slightly more expensive but they accept signed-for packages and even couriered items. You can usually get 24-hour access to your mail too (rather than the limited sorting office opening hours).

I have one of these and my box number is (for example) 123. So for bank statements I can give the address as Flat 123, for work-related stuff as Unit 123 etc.

Hope that helps.

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Not sure I understand why this is so important unless you are recieving lots of mail that is important.

When you find a buyer, it is likely to take 6-8 weeks for a sale to complete. This will give you plenty of time to find somewhere to rent. If it takes longer, then you can delay the completion of the sale until you are ready. Don't delay too long though or you may lose the sale.

Once sold and you have a new address, then you can simply ask the post office to re-direct all your mail. Costs about £15 for a 3 to 6 month period. In that time you can contact everybody with new address details or if you are likely to move again soon, then change the re-direct address.

With the market being like it is you need to put the property on the market before anything else. It may take months to find a buyer unless it is priced correctly.

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