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Dublin Speed Ramp Takes On Leader Of The Free World


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Maybe it was revenge for the USA apparently refusing to allow Ireland much leeway on the recent IMF bailout....but Mr Obama's armoured Cadillac, "The Beast" was no match for a Dublin Speed Ramp. Although being in the American Embassy it probably is an American speeed ramp

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Sooo funny. wife and I both burst into giggles when we saw that on the news. Love that you can see a couple of the garda trying not smirk as well, while all the secret service types are running around looking pompous and shouting.

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One thing that is irritating me is they keep calling the one that grounded out the 'beast'.

The beast was the one designed specifically for the Obama inaugaration (and is actually heavier than the one that grounded)

The one that grounded was one of the previous generation from the Bush presidency.

The 'beast' has headlamps from the Escalade truck, the one that grounded has headlamps from the Cadillac DTS.

The 'beast'


Grounded limo (bush limo)




Quite clearly, it isnt the beast. Sloppy reporting.


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