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Iran To Be Bombed Soon


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Less and less people are buying this BS anymore.

Remember When George W Bushs approval rating jumped to 89% or something right after 9/11?

Check out the bounce Obama got from "killing" OBL....



Maybe 5% tops.

People don't buy this bull anymore.

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Iran always looked like being one of the next targets. We have had plenty anti-Iranian news in the past few years with stories like the suspected uranium enrichment factoriy and its potential for WMD. All sounds very familiar.

I think the most obvious clue is the fact that us forces occupy both countries on its eastern and western borders. You dont have to be Sun Tzu to work out they might be going next.

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The US is too broke to attack Iran right now so unless those controlling America intend on bankcrupting the nation and causing the US economy to implode.......then they are not going to attack Iran for the time being at least.

Didn't Hitler face a similar dilema in the mid 1935s? I.e. go to war or go bankrupt?

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just been reading the comments on youtube. Unanimously not buying this but expecting the "masses" to fall for it. Who are the masses if youtubers aren't they?

There are 7000 views on youtube, while Fox news gets 50-150 million views on TV.

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There's no need to bomb Iran. They're surrounded and outgunned; three carrier groups in the Gulf, bases in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Fifth fleet in Bahrain, the Saudi and Israeli lapdogs.

Pakistan is more likely, and Somalia.

National guardsmen just got the call to go to the horn of Africa... China is planning an amphibious assault into Somalia,


But then again, America is chock-a-block with jebus loving bigotted morons with a major bloodlust.

EDIT: ken, you put up a Fox news clip. That's hardly a credible source.

EDIT 2: Or perhaps Yemen?


Gunmen claiming to be loyal to President Ali Abdallah Saleh of Yemen laid siege Sunday afternoon to the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Sana’a, trapping ambassadors of the United States, Britain and the European Union, and those from the six members states of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Also trapped inside the UAE embassy was the secretary general of the GCC, Abdullatif al-Zayani.

The envoys were waiting for word about whether Mr. Saleh would, as promised, sign a historic GCC-negotiated pact under which he would end 33 years of authoritarian rule by leaving office within 30 days, with full immunity assured. If positive word were received, they had planned to go to the presidential palace from the UAE Embassy.

In light of the siege, an Al Arabiya correspondent in Sana’a reported that the chances of Mr. Saleh signing the pact on Sunday were virtually zero.

It was unclear if violence was involved in the siege of the UAE embassy. The six members of the GCC are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Earlier on Sunday, in a clear escalation in the Yemeni situation, thousands of Saleh loyalists took to the streets Sunday morning in what seemed to be a new obstacle to the reconciliation process.

They blocked many major roads in many cities across the country, according to Al Arabiya’s correspondent Hamoud Mnasar, in protest at the GCC initiative which is due to be supposedly signed by Mr. Saleh himself today.

An Al Arabiya correspondent in Sana’a reported that the signing of the agreement was shrouded in secrecy with journalists banned from attending and covering the event.

An opposition source who declined to be named told Al Arabiya that the initiative was signed at 7 p.m. local time at the house of opposition leader Mohammed Salem Basindwa.

The source added that ambassadors of the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United Arab Emirates attended the signing of the deal.
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There are 7000 views on youtube, while Fox news gets 50-150 million views on TV.

Yes that's probably a fair answer to my question. Looking at it another way though they are only watching fox news on youtube so if 100% of them know this is horseshit..... i don't know but i thought youtube was mainstream enough for it to be the entertainment of the masses, won't the same masses have the same response watching it on the fox channel? I think the problem is not the people's response, the stupidity isn't the problem, it's the individual powerlessness, but mistakenly the masses assume there is a greater more influential "masses" who have "the democracy" and are the ones doing the acquiescing when really it's them and their individuality that is the problem, there is no other masses.

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Shouldn't this topic be pinned? This is just another will they/won't they story that won't go away.

In a few years it won't be necessary, they'll drill under Iran from Iraq and Afghanistan and suck all the oil out. Much easier.

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