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Petrol Price Thing

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I don't normally go in for crap that looks like a chain letter, but thought some of you guys and gals might be interested in this little suggestion that landed in my inbox this morning. Apologies if you got it too and ignored it - heck, I just got rid of my car so I don't fret too much about petrol prices anymore.

QUOTE "Subject: Rising Petrol Prices - please read and pass on

See what you think and pass it on if you agree with it. We are hitting

95p a litre in some areas now, soon we will be faced with paying £1 a

litre. Philip Hollsworth offered this good idea:

This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the "don't buy petrol on a certain

day" campaign that was going around last April or May! The oil

companies just laughed at that because they knew we wouldn't continue

to hurt ourselves by refusing to buy petrol. It was more of an

inconvenience to us than it was a problem for them.

BUT, whoever thought of this idea, has come up with a plan that can

really work. Please read it and join in! Now that the oil companies and the OPEC nations have conditioned us to think that the cost of a

litre is CHEAP, we need to take aggressive action to teach them that

BUYERS control the market place not sellers. With the price of petrol

going up more each day, we Consumers need to take action. The only way we are going to see the price of petrol come down is if we hit someone

in the pocket by not purchasing their Petrol! And we can do that

WITHOUT hurting ourselves.

Here's the idea:

For the rest of this year, DON'T purchase ANY petrol from the two

biggest oil companies (which now are one), ESSO and BP. If they are

not selling any petrol, they will be inclined to reduce their prices.

If they reduce their prices, the other companies will have to follow

suit. But to have an impact, we need to reach literally millions of

Esso and BP petrol buyers. It's really simple to do!! Now, don't whimp

out on me at this point... keep reading and I'll explain how simple it

is to reach millions of people!!

I am sending this note to a lot of people. If each of you send it to

at least ten more (30 x 10 = 300)...and those 300 send it to at least

ten more (300 x 10 = 3,000) ... and so on, by the time the message

reaches the sixth generation of people, we will have reached over

THREE MILLION consumers! If those three million get excited and pass

this on to ten friends each, then 30 million people will have been

contacted! If it goes one level further, you guessed it.....THREE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE!!!

Again, all you have to do is send this to 10 people. That's all. (And

not buy at ESSO/BP) How long would all that take? If each of us sends

this email out to ten more people within one day of receipt, all 300

MILLION people could conceivably be contacted within the next 8

days!!! I'll bet you didn't think you and I had that much potential,

did you! Acting together we can make a difference. If this makes sense

to you, please pass this message on.



It's easy to make this happen.

Just forward this email, and buy your petrol at Shell, Asda, Tesco,

Sainsburys, Morrisons, Jet etc. i.e. boycott BP and Esso.


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Guest Bart of Darkness
Just forward this email, and buy your petrol at Shell, Asda, Tesco,

Sainsburys, Morrisons, Jet etc. i.e. boycott BP and Esso.

This has been covered in another thread:


Hello, my 1st post - I have been lurking for ages but just had to respond to the stupidity of this email. It reminds me of the ill-thought out "Stop Esso" campaign.

So people stop filling up at BP and Esso branded petrol stations (which may or may not be selling oil products from BP and Esso refineries, which in turn may or may not be refining oil produced by Esso and BP).

They still have to drive, so they still have to fill their cars up. So they go to the supermarkets for example. Throughput at supermarkets rise dramatically, so the supermarkets ask their suppliers (often independent trading houses) for more fuel to cope with the extra demand. The suppliers in turn will be forced out in to the spot market to buy cargoes from - you guessed it - BP and Esso. In fact the net result of an action such as this could actually be to push oil product prices up.

It amazes me that people are still so ignorant about how an oil company (or any large company) works. This means that they believe the likes of BP and Shell when they say that they only make 0.3p or whatever on each litre of fuel.

Yes the RETAIL arm only makes that, but the REFINING arm that sells it internally to the retail arm has made a massive margin, as has the UPSTREAM arm when it sold the crude internally to the refinery. It's an accounting trick that our obedient media never questions.

Think about it - how would they be making record profits otherwise?

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