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Ed Miliband: Why I'll Never Hug A Hoodie..

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Milliband Interview

Mmm. I wouldn't trust Cameron to wash the bathroom, but I get the feeling he's doing fine with the electorate. The fact he's able to do U-turns quickly, when he realises he's boobed (far too often so far) is proving to be a smart policy. And Milliband isn't really cutting it with the electorate. I liked this comment in the article:

Myself, I'm old Labour-man and boy ,and now old man!

..I think you've got a fight on your hands,Ed.?

This Dave is impressive and he is steadily rising in the public esteem.

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People see a growing inequality between those at the top and themselves.

Gap between rich and poor has widened under Labour

as young people struggle to get on the housing ladder

House price boom under Labour?

Gordon's efforts to keep the bubble inflated?

So our challenge now is to respond to people's desire for a bigger politics and shape a national mission that speaks to their lives.

Rhetorical nonsense.

Milliband is just another lying sack of shit.

Become a Political Atheist --- you know it makes sense

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I wonder if the attempt to smear Cameron with the nickname "Flashman" hasn't backfired somewhat. Yes it portrays him as someone with a rich background who's benefitted from a privileged education, but it also acknowledges he's got some nounce and can "duck and dive" in a crisis to avoid the mud sticking. Miliband by contrast, comes across as the vicar's son, never too offensive, and may have some good ideas, but hardly someone you'd trust to deal with the real bad kids, or hoodies...

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