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Nationwide Consumer Confidence

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Don't worry it's "stabilised"*

Indeed.... the downward trend is very stable.... :)


jan 69

feb 73

mar 83

apr 72

may 74

jun 65

jul 63

aug 56

sep 61

oct 53

nov 52

dec 45


jan 52


mar 38

apr 44

may 43

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Housing market expectations

  • Consumers continue to show caution towards the housing market
  • They expect the value of their homes to fall by 1.1% over the next six months. This compares to a decrease of 0.9% they expected in March 2011

So people's expectations of drops have accelerated by 22%!

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Thank goodness house prices are going up.

I look forward to the next Nationwide house price report - would be nice if a journalist questioned them how their consumer confidence report is going down but, possibly, their house price one is going up.

Not sure of your point: it's not going up - the last Nationwide figure was -0.2% MoM

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