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I sold my well loved one bed, ground floor, victorian garden flat in Chertsey in 2008, in the nick of time, and got £173,000 for it. I was well happy with that and made off with my equity into rental land. I've been happily renting ever since, waiting for the market to bottom out, and watching lots of flats on Rightmove in Chertsey that aren't shifting, just to remind myself how smart I was. So this comes on RM last week, not much different to what I sold, except it's up for £185,000?!


I popped it into my favourites and sat back to play "how long will this ridiculously outrageously overpriced flat be on the market for". Today I see it's under offer?!

I'll check mouseprice in a few months, but doubt very much it will have been sold for the £140k (max) it's worth IMHO at today's prices, never mind 2015. Chertsey is "ok", but it's station is hopeless, it takes an hour plus to get to London, there's nothing outstanding there at all apart from good links to the M25, M3, M4 etc. WTF is going on? This has aggrieved me. A lot.

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Hello Addlestone and Woking. I've lived in both!

I'm living (renting) in West London now, where even the dogs wear designer jackets, which is just as well because I don't think I can afford to move back out of London if 1 bed flats in Chertsey are suddenly worth nearly 200k!

This sale better fall through and I want to see that flat back on Rightmove for at least another 3 years to cheer me up.

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As a continuation of "Chertsey Watch"...

Nelson Court, Chertsey. All identical 1 bed flats. There's one that has been marketed at £155,000 for months and the last sold price in that block in the Land Registry is £140,000 in December 2010. So what does Haart do? Pop one on the market at £189,950.


I e-mailed Haart yesterday to tell them they'd made a "typo" with the price. They replied by sending me property details and asking if I'd like to view (WTF!). I replied with details about Land Registry sold prices and market values, and Haart replied with "Thank for interest".

How did they come to the conlusion I was interested, and why can't they spell? (rhetorical).

Not even having Raffa Nadal as the maintenance man would add 25%+ onto the price in 6 months!

As you were...

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