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Headlines From 2011, How Surreal Does This Lot Seem

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From Zerohedge

"US Congress To Vote On Declaration Of World War 3 -- An Endless War With No Borders, No Clear Enemies"

"Blackwater hired by the crown prince of Abu Dhabi to put together a secret force of foreign troops"

"10 killed in US drone attacks in northern Pakistan"

"US Officials Warn Terrorism Threat Remains Post-bin Laden"

"TSA Pat Down of Suspicious Baby Is No Big Deal"

"Treasury taps federal pensions as Uncle Sam hits debt ceiling"

"Fed chief Ben Bernanke says he's not worried about inflation"

"Global Food Prices Hit New All Time High After 8 Consecutive Months Of Gains"

"Over-50s suffer a lifestyle crash: Millions less comfortable than a year ago"

"UK And US Data Shows Stagflation Threat Deepening"

"Greek riot police, protesters clash over austerity "

"IMF: Greece needs more austerity measures"

"IMF Chief no stranger to sexual assault allegations"

"Portugal on brink of bankruptcy"

"Contagion fears high as Italy drawn into crisis"

"Italian PM Berlusconi Faces Prostitution Trial in Italy"

To an observer who is not part of our time, it must all look like a really bad joke, like it just couldn't possibly be true. In the same way, we look back upon history and wonder with skepticism and incredulity how our long-lost ancestors have possibly allowed the Inquisition, the Dark Ages, genocide and slavery to occur.

We fancy ourselves so advanced and enlightened... but my guess is that history will view us in the same way that we see those unfortunate brutes of medieval times: misguided, misled, and totally self-deluded.

Bobbies call on public to take to the streets to protest against cuts

And then today there is this one in the local press.

It's just all too surreal, can anyone else recall a year where we've had similar headlines? Even better we are only 5 months into the year....

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Bobbies call on public to take to the streets to protest against cuts

Why the f**k should we?

Police 'have lost the public's trust': We've retreated from the streets and broken our contract says Yard chief

This is a bit of a sore point with me, why should the public bother to protest when the police can't be bothered to do their job, which is to serve the public? Quid pro quo guys.

Sorry Mr. Plod, I'm busy. Paperwork. I'm sure you understand.

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