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What Goes Up When Everything Else Goes Down?

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Like many on this board I have some investments safetly tucked away in their ISA wrappers, as well as a few other investments here and there. I'm not risk averse but at the same time I don't want to bet the house (sic) on something I don't understand.

Let's assume that the SM is going to crash (click).

What kinds of investments typically do well in such an environment?

I already have a fair proportion in gold (after cash it's my largest %), so that's not an answer (ditto silver).

I don't want to short the FTSE or anything like that as I'd probably lose my shirt being such a n00b.

My current 12 month rolling return is 20%, so I'd be looking for double digits.

Does such a thing exist?

I could (and in some cases do) dabble in Japan, AsiaPac, Technology, Eastern Europe, BioTech/Healthcare, Russia, Latin America...... but all of them, arguably, might be tied to a crash in US and UK stock markets.

Short of running 10% gold, 90% cash, what thoughts do people have?

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id be interested to know how you make a 20% return. better than my savings account!!!

It's only slightly better than the FTSE so I wouldn't get too excited.

Natural Resources

Eastern Europe (mainly Russia)



Not all funds are performing that well, of course, but all are positive. I've been trying to reduce my dependency on UK and US stocks and would like to move into areas that are uncorrelated to those markets. Hence I replaced most of my FTSE tracker with a gold fund and am wondering what to do next. :)

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alternative energy is getting good press,but nukes are already tried and tested,plentiful,the next most cost effective,and sufficiently downtrodden while everyone else is concentrating on oil and gas.

.....solar/wind/tidal is very viable but how reliable?

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