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I'd forgotten that the SLS ended during last month:


That, combined with NS&I coming back surely means that lending for mortgages must be properly dying now right? If interest rates go up the housing market's going to be proper dying isn't it?

I dont follow your reasoning for either?

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I dont follow your reasoning for either?

End of smi = less money to lend via mortgages.

Repayment of smi = less money still.

Ns&i = more interest paid, less to lend (perhaps)

N.b. ns&i index linkers may have the additional effect of diverting investment money from housing.

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IIRC, the facility has ended but doesn't need to be repaid until January 2012

SLS information : http://uk.reuters.com/article/2011/01/10/britain-boe-liquidity-idUKLDE70919N20110110

Thanks for that - so the artificial circumstances that allowed lending to continue (albeit without the walls of cash sloshing through the lending market in the early part of the century) will go by the end of the year, leaving the market to pop and (presumably) repossessions to rise.

The next year will be interesting.

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