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Extending Probation Period


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This has happened to my partner, she suspects because they're not sure on workload as no more explanation given. Is it time to look for a new job? Would new employers find out that this has happened and would it be relevant?

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Other employers wouldnt know if the period has been extended or not and I wouldnt worry.

Whilst it might seem like they cant make their mind up or not, its also possible the state of the economy means its still too fragile for the business to commit to taking on another member of staff at this time. The year started with a bang for some sectors but the froth has blown off.


yes, she's a lawyer so suspect it's a bit of both, just seems a bit cheeky really but wasn't sure if it's just a legal thing to cover themselves whilst they wait and see what happens in the economy

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Probation periods have no specific legal status.

Within the first year of employment (this is - I think- going up to two years, something was anounced a few months back, but I'm on my phone and it's too much hassle to look it up) they can just get rid of you anyway, and you can't go to tribunal for unfair dismissal, unless there's discrimination (sexual, racial, disability etc.)

If she's been there over a year (or whatever the new limit is) then what are her employers policies on probation, and where they followed? Probation would normally only be extended if there were doubts about the employees abilities, these doubts should be evidenced through some sort of process. If they haven't followed a proper process then she'd have them by the balls at a tribunal.

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