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From $102 To $0.01 In Under One Second

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Today's Flash Smash visualization in the stock of Enstar is brought to you by Nanex: from $102 to $0.01 in just under a second. But fear not: William O'Brien, the CEO of Direct Edge, made infamous by Zero Hedge through the whole Flash trading frontrunning scandal, says "the most egregious aspects of the Flash Crash, such as a stock trading at $39 and then going to 1 penny and back up to $38 in a matter of minutes, can't happen again with the progress made the last year". Behold progress...


Hence why folks calls to hold PM's makes sense.

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They could not possibly have contacted all the shareholders to borrow the shares needed to short it down to a penny. Thus it is a clear case of naked shorting. Don't hold your breath. The regulators never convict anyone.

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