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David Laws Suspended For A Week After Serious Breach Of Expenses Rules

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Just makes me sick that they still getting away with fraud while others with less impact get sent to jail.



Former Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Laws should be suspended from the Commons for a week over breaches of expenses rules, the Standards and Privileges Committee has said.

laws_1892421c.jpg David Laws was found guilty of six breaches of the rules relating to MPs' expenses Photo: AFP 11:03AM BST 12 May 2011 The Standards and Privileges Committee recommended a seven-day suspension from the House of Commons after finding that the Liberal Democrat MP had committed "a series of serious breaches of rules". He will also have to apologise.

Mr Laws resigned as Chief Secretary to the Treasury little more than a fortnight into the coalition, when it emerged that he had claimed allowances to pay his partner James Lundie rent.

The Yeovil MP argued that his motive was to avoid outing himself as gay, rather than profit.

The cross-party committee said Mr Laws had already repaid £56,592 - the full amount of his second home allowance claims between July 2006 and July 2009.

He also referred his own conduct to Standards Commissioner John Lyon when the issues emerged publicly last May.

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But the watchdog concluded: "Nonetheless, whatever his motives and subsequent behaviour, Mr Laws was guilty of a series of serious breaches of the rules, over a considerable time.

"We recommend that Mr Laws should be suspended from the service of the House for a period of seven sitting days."

The suspension should begin on June 7, according to the MPs.

In a statement, Mr Laws said: "I accept the conclusions of the inquiry and take full responsibility for the mistakes which I have made.

"I apologise to my constituents and to Parliament. Each of us should be our own sternest critic, and I recognise that my attempts to keep my personal life private were in conflict with my duty as an MP to ensure that my claims were in every sense above reproach.

"I should have resolved this dilemma in the public interest and not in the interests of my privacy.

"However, from the moment these matters became public, I have made clear that my motivation was to protect my privacy, rather than to benefit from the system of parliamentary expenses, and I am pleased that the Commissioner has upheld that view.

"I have also, from the very beginning, made clear that I believed that my secrecy about my private life led me to make lower overall claims than would otherwise be the case, and this has been confirmed by the Parliamentary Commissioner and by the committee.

"The taxpayer gained, rather than lost out, from my desire for secrecy, though I fully accept that this is not an adequate reason for breaking the rules.



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He's my MP...There are rumours abound that he will not stand at the next election. He's a ruddy good constituency MP, but I think he has lost all trust of the electorate, and he probably knows this...

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Anyone who works for the State, deserves to be treated different to Joe Public.

From Coppers who murder innocents, and are acquitted, then returned to desk jobs.

To MP's who steal from the Taxpayer, using complicated fraud.

To Quango's and Public Sector employees with golden one million pound pension plans.

They are all better than us.

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"He will also have to apologise"

I hope that means personally and to every single tax payer in the country.

Disgusting parasite.

Where are the kidz when you need someone happy slapped on Youtube?

As I get older I feel myself drifting to the right and I now have a strong desire to campaign for the stocks to be brought back.

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