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Gary Neville's Flower House

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Looks like it's been designed solely to get round planning restrictions.

If I were he I would incorporate a moat and a minefield. 3.5 miles north of Bolton. What on earth is he thinking? Has anyone ever observed that footballers are paid too much?

What a silly manc!

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Crucially, they've got the video projector running in the home cinema - the bulb appears to have plenty of life in it yet.

That will add loads to the value.

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Do you think this is possibly some kind of planning thing where you get planning to built something in a sensitive area, wait for a years and then build a mansion on it claiming you already have permission there?

There is one similar to this in Rhossili on the Gower... They had one on Grand Designs as well which looked very dark to live in.

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NEWS | Manchester United oppose plans for massive Neville

February 20, 2012

A joint bid by Gary Neville and Manchester architect Ian Simpson to construct a massive Gary Neville in the shadows of Old Trafford has been met with concerns from Neville’s former club.

The former Reds semi-beard teamed up with noted Manchester architect Simpson to design the 109-metre Gary Neville which would dominate the Manchester skyline and peer down ominously over the ground.


An artist's impression of 'The Gary Tower'. It is rumoured that Neville himself created all of the imagery within the proposal.

If approved the project would result in the tallest mixed-used Gary Neville in the country.

Architect Ian Simpson explained the concept to News Manc.

“Gary came to me just over a year ago with a vision that any Manchester United fan who couldn’t get a ticket for the game could be provided with the opportunity to watch it on a large screen over 100 metres in the air in a massive Gary Neville head. I found myself unable to disagree.”

“Our application to the council included planning permission for a 187-bed hotel up to Gary’s waist and a series of viewing rooms throughout the torso. His head will be available to VIPs who want to watch the game in luxury surroundings.”

“We plan to have a bar in the crotch area where fans can sip Gary-themed cocktails such as a Moustache Mojito or a Sainsbury’s Shiny Suit Sling”, added Simpson.

Andrew Gibbon is a spokesman for Manchester United Football Club and has raised concerns about a ****** off Gary Neville being constructed.

“We welcome almost any venture that brings commerce and jobs to the region, especially from a former player”, said Gibbon.

“But we’ve had a chat and the prospect of a towering Gary Neville scares the living shit out of us. We told Sir Alex and he just went all wide-eyed and started mumbling something about the effect it would have on future generations.”

Neville has an unfortunate track record of getting involved in failed business ventures.

In 2007 he paid £3.4m for the rights to 80s British children’s cartoon Henry’s Cat and subsequently spent 3 months in Los Angeles trying to coax Will Smith in to taking the lead role in an action blockbuster version. The film was never made.

And in 2009 his answer to the George Foreman Grill, the Gary Neville Wok, failed after customers complained that the handle was covered in some sort of downy fluff.

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As much as I think G Neville, son of Neville Neville, is a complete an utter twit, I find it thoroughly depressing that this kind of development gets rejected out of hand.

Where is the fun, imagination, zest of yesteryear? Britain has a long tradition of building great homes, contemporary home (in their own era).

I wish councillors would ****** off and die.

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Nice (IMHO). Agnostic on the wind-turbine issue, not having been in close proximity to one for any length of time - anyone? How bad is the noise?

He's apparently saying that he might change the plans and drop the wind turbine out of respect for local residents concerns ....

Bolton News

FORMER footballer Gary Neville has met with residents in Harwood to share ideas for a possible replacement to his controversial “Teletubby” ecohome.

The Sky Sports pundit insists he has not abandoned his original plans — but is looking to develop his ecohome without a wind turbine to appease his neighbours’ concerns.

And Mr Neville has now met with objectors to tell them that an alternative design may be submitted.


Mr Neville told The Bolton News: “We met with some of the neighbours as a courtesy, to explain our progress overall, but it was never suggested that the approved scheme had been abandoned.”

And when asked what form the design may take he added: “It is far more relevant that I may be able to deliver an even more sustainable and unique home.”

About half-a-dozen residents went to one of Mr Neville’s current properties in the area for the meeting in January, where he shared his latest thoughts on the project.

Uh huh ... so having got planning permission for a sensitive location on the basis that he was going to build some sort of eco-friendly 'Earthship' home he's now going to change the plans 'out of respect for the neighbours'.


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A bit more searching and ..... Suprise! Gary wants to ditch the eco-friendly radical design for a trendy 'Huf Haus' which isn't at all inconspicuous.

Daily Mirror

Football legend Gary Neville has given his £6million “Teletubbies” home the boot.

But the former Man United star still has neighbours all ­aflutter by aiming to replace it with an equally bizarre mansion shaped like a giant butterfly.

Neville, 36, who is now Sky Sports’ chief football pundit, had fought an 18-month batttle to build his Teletubbies pad, ­resembling the one built into a hillside in the hit ­children’s TV programme starring Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po.

Now it’s been ditched for one with a similarly futuristic design by German firm Huf Haus.

The massive structure is made of glass, wood and other eco-friendly materials, with two roofs jutting out like wings.

Quelle Surprise!

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