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True Finns Say No

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When I had the honor of leading the True Finn Party to electoral victory in April, we made a solemn promise to oppose the so-called bailouts of euro-zone member states. These bailouts are patently bad for Europe, bad for Finland and bad for the countries that have been forced to accept them. Europe is suffering from the economic gangrene of insolvency—both public and private. And unless we amputate that which cannot be saved, we risk poisoning the whole body.

The official wisdom is that Greece, Ireland and Portugal have been hit by a liquidity crisis, so they needed a momentary infusion of capital, after which everything would return to normal. But this official version is a lie, one that takes the ordinary people of Europe for idiots. They deserve better from politics and their leaders.

To understand the real nature and purpose of the bailouts, we first have to understand who really benefits from them. Let's follow the money.

Truth makes a particular noise.

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I wonder what exactly the Truefinns are?

'True Finns':


The party combines left-wing[9] economic policies with strongly conservative social values. In the parliament seating order, it has been placed in the centre-left.[10] However, central aspects of their manifesto[11] have gained support from right-wing voters as well.[12][13] The party has been compared by international media to the Tea Party movement in the United States and other similar nationalist and right-wing populist movements in Europe that are critical of globalism.
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Shame he doesn't mention Germany even once.

Mrs Merkin needs to tell her taxpayers their savings have been p1ssed up the wall by their banksters and they need to eat their losses rather than continue to pretend it was a bunch of lazy profligate olive eaters.

Meanwhile she continues to benefit from a DM protected by the piggy human shield.


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How long before some of these people are assassinated?

Europe is teetering on the brink of tyranny IMHO.


The whole of europe and this country are already labouring under financial tyranny. What the govts/central bankers have cooked up ove rth elast 10 years is no less - esecially making the bank whole after their gambling spree - which they did under implicit agreement of central banks using bank rates to make it all possible.

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