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Sheds With Beds

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Yes the councils are seeing people making a profit, but they are not getting their cut! No wonder they are concerned. I propose a shed tax.

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Thanks to the OP for this, I saw it advertised this morning before I rushed out to work and meant to record it, but I forgot.

This phenomena is nothing new and has been discussed before on HPC. I think during the golden years of the Blair/Brown debt fuelled economy a lot of councils overlooked these shanty towns but now they just manage to pull their fingers out. Coincidence?!!

This is 21st Century Rachman at play here folks, and the whole thing ******ing stinks!!! The thing is though, how can you prevent it? I've got a shed in my garden, whats to stop me from secretly letting out to an immigrant worker?

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Not surprising this, a lot of people from overseas are willing to live in similar conditions to where they're from.


Lets be clear on this. These things exist simply because there is a demand for them plain and simple - because 'conventional' housing is simply too damned expensive in particular for those at the very lowest earnings levels in society. Remove them, without taking steps to provide respectable and affordable alternatives, and all you will do is force these unfortunates to stoop even lower to find some ever more ingenious but desparate means to put a roof over their heads.

TPTB never had the basic intelligence, commonsense, ability or honesty to put two and two together and realise what the end results of an uncontrolled property price boom would be. Something that was so patently obvious to people here.

As the other poster states, 100 years of social progress rolling back before our very eyes. Whilst they were busy occupying their minds on quite frankly unimportant abstract socio-intellectual challenges, such as what constitutes offensive language punishable by law or changes to daylight saving time, Dickensian sights returned to everyday view - disgusting.

Politicians of all parties should take a good long hard look at this....... and hang their heads in shame.

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I'm on a waiting list for an allotment!

Little bit of land for a shed/bungalow type dwelling like that would be nice. Build it myself and continually improve! Even better if I could grow some food nearby too!

But I'm financially disallowed to own a small bit of land upon which to live.

All I can say is... Don't expect me to fight a war on this country's behalf.

If you've no land to protect and your fighting over land, your out to seize it from others or neutral!

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My neighbour has a 10 acre smallholding employing several Lithuanian workers. They are housed (without planning permission) in several caravans.

The only way to compete with foreign producers is to use foreign working conditions.

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