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Swiss Get F'ed Off With Rich Bankers Emigrating There

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Well, the Swiss have a nice country, lots of great geography, but not much else.

Plus it is full of elitist snobs there.

I say let all the crooks descend on them like seagulls on a dropped Friday night kebab supper.

Switzerland is like a beautiful, carved white marble edifice over a tomb containing decayed, stinking, maggotty corpses.

It's grown fat off filthy money for years.

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I haven't read so much nonsense in a long time in a HPC thread (and that's no mean feat), you almost sound like Americans talking about other parts of the world.... :o

Next I hear you saying that Germany is still ruled by the Nazis and the French all smell of garlic.

Obviously you deserve to scrape a miserable living in that dunghole that still calls itself Great Britain. :P

In 2003, the financial sector comprised an estimated 11.6% of Switzerland's GDP and employed approximately 196,000 people (136,000 of whom work in the banking sector); this represents about 5.6% of the total Swiss workforce.

GDP by sector

primary (1.1%)

secondary (25.3%)

tertiary (73.6%)


the financial sector accounted for 15% of the UK's gross domestic product (GDP)

GDP by sector

agriculture: 0.9%;

industry: 22.1%;

services: 77.1% (2010 est.)




The UK is much more reliant on the Banksters than Switzerland.

If all Swiss financial sector employees were to be made redundant that would only increase the unemployment levels to current UK levels, the UK on the other hand would be fcuked without the CIty.


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